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We are a group of enthusiasts with a common interest in the Arctic regions. The Club was founded in 1970. Many members have been on expeditions to the arctic and have travelled extensively there. The main activities of the Club are the Annual Gathering and Supper, the Spring Meet, the Award of Expedition Grants and the distribution of three Newsletters each year. Our meetings are held in Scotland but our members also come from England, Wales and Ireland as well as many other countries such as Alaska, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Iceland and Switzerland.

The Library has been transferred to the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS). Members can consult the Scottish Arctic Club Library, and the Erskine Library, in the Shackleton room of the RSGS premises in Perth (Lord John Murray House).

North East Greenland
Kap Peterséns, North-East Greenland – Iain Roy


The Annual Gathering and Supper is held each November to bring together members, guests and young expeditioners. Its purpose is to encourage the exchange of information and advice for the planning of expeditions, to have a programme of talks and slide shows on recent and historic expeditions by members and those supported by the Club. Plenty of time is also allowed for the informal exchange of information and experience, as well as eating and drinking!

The 2015 Annual Gathering and Supper was held on 21 November 2015 at the Ben Nevis Hotel, Fort William. Talks were given on expeditions and experiences working in the Antarctic as well as the Arctic, including a talk by well known Arctic photographer Bryan Alexander featuring the indigenous peoples of the little visited Russian Arctic.

The 2016 Annual Gathering and Supper will be held on Saturday 19th November at the Ben Nevis Hotel, Fort William. Please contact the Secretary for more information.

The AGM is also held at the Annual Supper.

The Spring Meet

The 2016 Spring Meet of the Scottish Arctic Club was held at Attadale Lodge near Strathcarron in Wester Ross from 7th – 14th May 2016.

Pat Duchart provided the following report:

The SAC week at Attadale was enjoyed in whole or part by 15 members. It was unusual in that
there was not a drop of rain all week but it did have its share of sunshine, wind and grey skies.
Activities were as ever many and varied. The 5 kayakers/canoeists enjoyed an interesting paddle
on Loch Maree, a brief paddle off Portchuillin, when wind and tide thwarted other plans but beach
and sunshine were much enjoyed, a round trip from Portchuillin to Plockton and a very windy
paddle on Loch Sgamhain. There was a steep learning curve on the assembly and use of Frank’s
new origami kayak. Loch Coruisk remains a challenge for the future.
The walkers preferred distance to height with walks which included the Elgol area, the shores of L
Torridon, a very rewarding circumnavigation of Maol Chean-dearg and an investigation of the
valley North East of the Strathcarron Hotel for flora fauna and a previous canoe route. The cyclists
had two good days in the saddle.
The estate lambs provided much entertainment as they enjoyed life. There were many visits to the
gardens, which were looking particularly good, especially the rhododendrons. The home baking
was also much appreciated.
We had a communal meal on Sunday with plenty of salmon, quiche and good stew and again on
Thursday with the main course amply provided by the Danish lady at the home farm. Every night
had its share of good food, good drink, good conversation and most importantly good company.

The 2017 Spring Meet will be held at Attadale, 13th – 20th May 2017. If you are interested in attending the 2017 Spring Meet please look out for announcements in the Club newsletter.


Three Newsletters are distributed to all SAC members during the year. Historic Newsletters are available here.

Expedition Fund Awards

The Scottish Arctic Club has an Expedition Fund from which it makes financial awards to encourage young people to explore the Arctic. Applicants must have a strong Scottish connection. Grants may be given to either individuals or small groups. Application for expeditions taking place in 2016 are now closed, for expeditions taking place in 2017 the deadline for submission is 31st January 2017. See Expedition Grants and download an Application Form.


New members are welcome: the Club is for people of all ages and nationalities who have an interest in the Arctic, particularly if they have already been, or are planning to travel there.

Membership fee: £ 5.00 (per annum)

Membership Application (PDF 25KB)


Horsens' Fjord - Iain Roy
Horsens’ Fjord – Iain Roy


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